I Putu Mahendra Adi Wardana

I Putu Mahendra Adi Wardana, S.Pd.,M.Kom
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Web & Mobile Programmer
I Putu Mahendra Adi Wardana

My Biography

Starting from a hobby of playing PC games when I was in high school, modifying my favorite computer and collecting various applications, mobile games, songs, wallpapers, the casing which at that time was the Nokia 7610 mobile phone with the Symbian operating system, from that I felt very fond and enthusiastic about it. world of technology and digital. So when I moved on to the next level of education, namely the world of lectures, I decided to start by entering the world of IT (Information Technology) by majoring D3 Informatics Management at Geshesh Education University (Undiksha).

When I started studying at the D3 in Informatics Management, with various courses that I had never heard of before, namely about Computer Theory and Programming Language, I experienced quite a bit of adjustment, because I was exploring a new and deeper field of knowledge. However, I remain diligent in studying all these courses with enthusiasm, joy and never give up. So that the fruit of the first results, I felt at the time of street vendors (Practice Work). That is trusted to be given several projects to create a travel website. According to the owner, I completed it with satisfactory results and have been given the project until now.

From that journey, I feel that I have found my passion, namely in the World of Programming, so I continue to the next level of education, namely S1 Informatics Engineering Education and  Masters Degree in Computer Science at GESAN Education University (Undiksha) with the cost of the project I am working on during the lecture. During my studies, I also worked in several companies and helped with lecturer projects with quite a large project scale, in my opinion.

So after completing my education, with the experience and skills that I have gained, I and my friends with seriousness and high intention to build an IT consulting company named PT. Use Nusantara Technology which is known as Red System.

My Services/Services

Web Development

I have done dozens of website development for more than 10 years.

Android Development

I have developed several android applications for personal and corporate needs.

iOS Development

I have developed several iOS applications for personal and corporate needs.

IT Consultant

I have helped dozens of clients in developing their business in the Digital World.

Programming Skills

  • React JS

  • Codeigniter

  • Laravel

  • Lumen

  • Express JS

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • Javascript

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • IT Antusias

Design Skills

  • Photoshop

  • Web Design

  • Mobile Design